keskiviikko 23. maaliskuuta 2011

Party Shooter or Shotgun Opener?

So I've been looking around for something that will raise party spirit, and been thinking that I should order Party Shooter or maybe Shotgun Opener. But don't know witch one of those.

Shotgun Opener, it looks like can opener. You do hole in to bottom of the can, after that you open can in regular way. Then you'll use that hole you made to drink beer.. fast!

Party Shooter, its basically a tube witch lets you drink bottle of beer in 3-7sec.

So, do you guys have any experience in these two? And what do you guys prefer?

Maybe I'll buy just both of em since they cost like ~5€ each :)

maanantai 21. maaliskuuta 2011

Best Vodka In The World, Finlandia Vodka

Okey, now it is official. Finlandia Vodka won Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2011, witch means that it got voted to be best unflavored vodka in the whole wide world.

Competitions max score was 100, and Finlandia Vodka got 94!

If you want to see perfect list, you can see it here. It contains Vodkas, Tequilas and such found that interesting, so wanted to share that with you guys.

What do you guys prefer? Maybe Rum or Whiskey?
I've always been huge fan of vodka, can't stand whiskey at all.

Probably going to buy Finlandia this weekend and drink for Finland!

sunnuntai 20. maaliskuuta 2011

Nasa found something?

Okey I have to admit that I'm a bit interested in space and all that what I see as "paranormal".
And this is what I found:

Nasa scientist Dr. Richard B. Hoover claims that he found fossils of micro-organisms that are very similar to that we have on earth. He found those from some CI1 meteor, they think that those meteors are over 4 bilion years old. For me that picture says really nothing, but I honestly hope that this find actually mean that we are not alone.

Sources Yahoo and Cbsnews

How did my weekend go?

Okey so decided to tell you guys how did my weekend go overall. At friday my friend called me and asked what I am going to do this weekend. It is kinda funny that he always asks same question, and that always means that we are going to get drunk.. Hard. So I told that I am not going to do anything special, maybe some booze and stuff.

So few hours after that my friend came over, we had two liters of Leijona Vodka and shitload of orange juice, and we started to get drunk as hell, we drank for couple of hours. I had almost finished my bottle but I suddently started to thorw up :( after that I went to bed to wait for new adventures.

Now quess what? I had worst hungover ever, I mean I threw up again. So I spent that next day mainly in bed, drinking coca-cola. Witch is best hangover medicine in the world.

Now I am planning to see my grandmother since I have run out of money, you might think that I am mean person. But my grandma' allways gives money about 50€ and I have never asked for that so. That makes me think that I am not that bad person since I really want to see her, and money is never bad thing for that :)

lauantai 19. maaliskuuta 2011

Zippo Tricks : #1 "Top Pop"

Okey so I have been training for Zippo tricks lately, my girlfriend gave me Zippo as X-Mas present. If you have Zippo you got to know how to do Zippo tricks, right? There is a video that I've found good for basics :)

This guy has alot more basic trick guides :)

Getting Started

So I decided to start blogging since Im getting really bored, I were drinking last night so wont start this blog with huge wall of text. And I haven't played wow in like 24 hours or so ;)

Something about me

I am regular nobody from Finland living normal life. Studying daytime and at evening I spend time with my girlfriend and my Troll Druid. Been WoW addicted since it got released. What else, my cat has been lost for 3-4 months now and I don't think that hes coming back again. So we decided to get a new cat from my parents since their cat just gave a birth :) Will post picture of him in few weeks.