sunnuntai 20. maaliskuuta 2011

How did my weekend go?

Okey so decided to tell you guys how did my weekend go overall. At friday my friend called me and asked what I am going to do this weekend. It is kinda funny that he always asks same question, and that always means that we are going to get drunk.. Hard. So I told that I am not going to do anything special, maybe some booze and stuff.

So few hours after that my friend came over, we had two liters of Leijona Vodka and shitload of orange juice, and we started to get drunk as hell, we drank for couple of hours. I had almost finished my bottle but I suddently started to thorw up :( after that I went to bed to wait for new adventures.

Now quess what? I had worst hungover ever, I mean I threw up again. So I spent that next day mainly in bed, drinking coca-cola. Witch is best hangover medicine in the world.

Now I am planning to see my grandmother since I have run out of money, you might think that I am mean person. But my grandma' allways gives money about 50€ and I have never asked for that so. That makes me think that I am not that bad person since I really want to see her, and money is never bad thing for that :)

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  1. Sounds like a fun packed weekend! :D

  2. Pancakes + cheese = hangover stopper!

    Just thought i'd let you know mine :)

    Also, sport energy drinks to counter headaches.

  3. I always drink 1 l. of water at home after the night for the hangover.

  4. Older relatives are always handing out money without asking. They were my main source of income when I was a kid.

  5. I wish my grandparents gave me money other than my birthday lol

    Sounds like you had a good weekend! I look forward to your future posts.


  6. I spent friday drinking the following
    7 pints of cider
    1/4 of a bottle of wine
    1/2 a bottle of port in the space of ten minutes
    a jegelasynth (jager, tequila and absynth)
    and another cider

    i got shit faced. did the classical "I FAACKIN LOVE YOUZH" business to the girl i fancy
    headbutted one of my best friends who it turns out headbutts back harder and fell over on the way home

    i had no hangover and both of those people are talking to me and pissing themselves laughing about it.

    all in all. went better then expected.

  7. I really envy you guys that can drink without hangover, my head almost drops off everytime I drink something else than beer. :(

  8. At least you're still doing it like a boss. Vodka. That's my man !

  9. Haha I never get hangovers, no matter how much I drink. Winning :P

  10. My brother had to bring his friend home last night. Seventh-day adventist, first time getting drunk...poor guy couldn't stand up straight.

  11. Sounds really successful weekend, too bad I wasn't there :(

  12. Too much hangovers theses days.. followd

  13. haha, sounds excatly like my weekend

  14. Lol, screwdrivers on the way up kinda hurts. Damn acidic Orange juice! Following!

  15. opening a beer right............. now